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Red Cedar Technology has announced the release of Heeds MDO 5.4, which introduces new features that streamline the design-optimisation process for engineers.

Features include: output portals for Ansys Workbench and Nastran; input portals for Abaqus, Ansys Workbench, LS-Dyna and Nastran; fast, efficient parallel design evaluations with Heeds Parallel; direct integration with external queuing systems, including MSHPC; automatic checks for analysis completion and success; and forming limit diagram (FLD) criteria.

With search strategies available only in Heeds MDO, users can uncover new design concepts that improve products and reduce development costs.

Red Cedar Technology has also released HEEDS NP, a new software product for nonparametric optimisation.

Heeds NP adjusts the surface shape of a 2D or 3D solid to minimise volume while satisfying stress and/or displacement constraints.

Because Heeds NP is a nonparametric optimisation tool; you do not have to define design variables – the mesh is the design variable.

Heeds NP performs shape changes by moving the nodes around in the mesh.

It adds mass where needed in regions of high stress and removes mass where possible in regions of low stress.

Because the mass is added by moving existing nodes, predefined parametric shapes are not required.

No elements are deleted from, or added to, the model.

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