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Heidenhain has supplied linear encoders for Loadpoint’s Microace 66 150 x 150 x 10mm-capacity micro-dicing machine.

The machine had to obtain and maintain an axis-positioning resolution of 0.1um to consistently achieve a pitch accuracy across components.

The Microace 66 has a closed-loop feedback system for ultra-precise control over the programmed cutting process, which can involve dicing wheels as large as 75mm diameter and slitting wheels as thin as 15um.

Loadpoint said that Heidenhain’s LF481C sealed compact incremental linear encoders provided the required level of positioning accuracy and repeatability.

The Heidenhain VM 182 comparator system incorporates a steel scale with two coordinate phase gratings and a scanning head connected to the scale by an auxiliary carriage.

The scale is clamped to the table and the scanning head to the machine spindle.

The latest Microace 66 machine has X and Y axes travels of 160 x 164mm, and a Z axis that is able to accept components up to 10mm thick when using the maximum-size slitting wheel of 76.2mm.

Each axis is fitted with the Heidenhain LF481C linear scale for position feedback, which also includes Heidenhain’s mounting spar – this means that, in the event of an encoder change, there is no requirement for drawn-out clocking procedures to establish datum positions.

The linear encoder is fully protected from dust, and an aluminium housing and elastic sealing lips protect the scale, scanning carriage and guideway.

The 1.2kW air-bearing spindle has a top speed of 80,000revs/min (optional is 2.4kW 60,000revs/min) and this works in conjunction with a Theta axis bearing rotary table with vacuum chuck.

The table has a high-resolution direct-drive torque motor, which has an axis resolution of 0.0004deg.

A four-direction coolant delivery system has outlets for main blade jet, side wash bars, wafer fan jets and flood jets.

Also incorporated in the full-screen display vision and alignment system is monocular video alignment that incorporates pattern recognition with a Z-axis autofocus to set up the alignment of the image.

Through-the-lens LED illumination and external high-intensity LED fibre-ring illumination are also included.

Heidenhain also offers sealed linear encoders, with full-size scale housings for high resistance to vibration up to measuring lengths of 30m; as well as slimline-scale housing for limited installation space, for measuring lengths up to 2,040mm.

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