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Stream Measurement has supplied six WPD Helical Vane turbine style meters to Portland Port in Castletown, Portland, Dorset.

The meters allocate costs against ships that take on water while using the harbour facilities.

Because of the growing cruise market, many liners now use the port as a departure point for cruises, making measuring and allocating water essential.

A Helical Vane style of turbine bulk meter ensures constant flow and volume, accounting for every drop, ensuring fair and accurate billing.

The WPD turbine meters supplied by Stream have a hermetically sealed register (IP 68), which can be rotated 360 degrees.

The hydro-dynamically balanced rotor guarantees accuracy.

The meters have a high overload capability.

The powder coating gives maximum corrosion protection, which is essential for saline environments.

The WPD meters can be fitted with a variety of outputs, enabling automatic meter reading capability.

Stream Measurement

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