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Heller Machine Tools has announced the launch of its advanced F Series five-axis machining centres.

Following the recent introduction of the company’s H Series, the F Series adds four five-axis machining centres, containing SK 40 and HSK 63 spindle tapers, to the Heller range.

The new five-axis machining centre line-up enables potential customers to choose between two completely different machine configurations.

The premium models (FP 2000 and FP 4000) include the provision of rapid pallet changers and are designed to deliver excellent levels of productivity within all high-throughput engineering production environments.

The Heller FT 2000 and FT 4000 five-axis machine-tool variants feature workpiece support tables and are claimed to be suitable for use in production locations.

Both machine types, FP and FT, feature the same axis arrangement as the H series, with a rotary-table B axis, and provide an optimum balance between rigidity and accessibility, according to the company.

The 2000 models offer a work area of 630 x 630 x 830mm, while the two 4000 models provide an increased capacity of 800 x 800 x 1,000mm.

Although the machines use many components from Heller’s modular building-block system, the machine structure and axis configuration of the F Series were specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of five-axis machining.

At the core of the F Series is the spindle technology.

Customers can choose between three different designs across all models: the PCU 63 power cutting universal spindle for high-performance cutting; the SCU 63 speed cutting unit; and the SCT 63 speed cutting tilt spindle for speed cutting with a fork head.

While the two swivel-head units offer advantages for the complete machining of cubic parts, the fork head is suitable for machining contoured surfaces of any kind.

The F Series has an adaptable tool management system that can be tailored to requirements.

Each machining centre is equipped with a standard tool magazine that can be extended to more than 400 storage places; even oversize or extra-long tools can be accommodated.

The F Series is targeted at a variety of manufacturing sectors, including the automotive industry and its supply chain, machine manufacturers, electronics companies, power generation, subcontractors and the aerospace industry.

Heller Machine Tools

Heller develops and produces state-of-the-art machine tools and production systems for metal-cutting processes.

We are among the leading manufacturers in this industry and employ a staff of around 2,200 people worldwide. Our production facilities in Europe and North and South America ensure a reliable supply to our customers. Additionally, we are represented in all major markets with sales and service bases and qualified service partners.

Among our customers are companies from the automotive industry and their suppliers, machine manufacturers, electronics companies, the aerospace industry, power engineering, subcontractors and many other sectors.

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