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Hendon Semiconductors has announced an addition to its two-wire bus buffer range of products.

The IES5507 buffered four-channel I2CTM bus switch includes a unidirectional buffer for the clock signal with a bi-directional buffer for the data signal.

The IES5507 with fast switching time enables operation in excess of 1MHz, thus suitable for two-wire bus standard, fast and fast mode plus application.

This makes it suitable as an interface between buses operating at different frequency, which is essential in two-wire bus systems where there could be sections on the bus that are operating at different clock frequency.

In addition, the IES5507 allows each of the channels to be impedance isolated from all others, allowing a maximum permissible capacitance load.

This could potentially give a maximum loading of the system to be five times the normal loading that could be achieved without buffering.

Each of the four output channels can be enabled and disabled independently in any combination without affecting the performance of other channels, giving the system designers more flexibility.

The IES5507 is a suitable drop-in pin compatible with other common four-channel I2C bus switches.

The IES5507 is available in a standard SO-16 RoHS package.

Hendon Semiconductors

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