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Hepcomotion has introduced the GV3 linear motion system, which is claimed to feature robust build quality to withstand hostile environments.

Its all-steel slideway is said to be 3x stiffer than composite aluminium systems.

The ’V’ concept is also central to GV3’s performance in tough conditions.

One of the benefits of the ’V’ principle is its self-cleaning action, eliminating contamination in the slideway.

For particularly harsh applications, GV3 is a fit-and-forget system.

The inherently low friction of the GV3 system means that it thrives in high-speed conditions, especially in applications that also require prolonged accuracy.

In addition to low operating noise, low friction means that, in most cases, running ’dry’ is possible, with no lubricant needed between slide and wheel.

This ability to run dry is particularly useful in nuclear applications for which ’V’ guide wheels can be internally lubricated for life with special grease.

The GV3 system is claimed to be a cost-effective solution compared to alternatives, especially where conditions are contaminated.

Low friction means low-energy consumption and long re-lubrication intervals are intended to cut maintenance costs.

By comparison, a recirculating ball monorail is susceptible to dirt ingress in the ball track, causing the block to fail and permanent damage to the rail.

Corrosion resistance is often a requirement for harsh environment applications.

GV3 systems offer this as a standard option and the range provides a choice of materials to achieve the best compromise between corrosion resistance and wearability.

For example, where the application permits, Hepcomotion can introduce lightweight aluminium carriage plates and flange clamps that have a special anodising surface treatment.

This is intended to provide greater corrosion resistance than stainless steel and a choice of other coatings are also offered.

Superior surface finish also plays an important part in the performance of the GV3 system.

The better the finish, the less the likelihood of surface corrosion and, for this purpose, Hepcomotion has invested heavily in capital equipment to provide that design edge.

The GV3 customer can also choose from twin bearings and double or double-row format.

They are hardened and ground to high tolerances and raceway conformity to suit the application and accommodate misalignment.

The double row has a high radial load capacity and is suitable for harsh environments and high-speed conditions where extra-long life is required.

A further option is the Hepcomotion high-temperature/vacuum bearing, which is claimed to be able to operate continuously in temperatures up to 200C.

Hepcomotion harsh environment- and corrosion-resistant products are not just restricted to basic X-Y linear systems.

The company also provides complete ring and track systems.

For arduous applications, for example, it manufactures heavy-duty single- and double-edge systems complete with stainless-steel bearings up to 95mm.

Designing a unique engineering principle and making it a commercial success is quite an accomplishment.  Developing that concept and embracing complementary technologies to the point where the business becomes a world leader in its field takes that achievement into a different league.  HepcoMotion has achieved both and in 2009 celebrates 40th year of trading.   

Today HepcoMotion is one of the world’s foremost innovators and manufacturers of linear motion technology.  And this can be attributed to the important tenet – continued investment in its people processes and products.  This has allowed the company to grow even at times of economical difficulty.  

Although its range of individual, linear motion products remains an important part of its business the growth area for HepcoMotion in recent years is in specials and assemblies.  Almost one fifth of its shop floor space is devoted to assembly and the company has invested heavily in flexible manufacturing to ensure that even last minute changes can be accommodated to customer specification.  

Constantly re-assessing its strengths against changing market demands continues to provide HepcoMotion with the momentum for business growth.  The culture of ongoing investment has certainly worked well throughout its first 40 years and will continue to underpin its business in the decades to come.

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