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York-based Sessions Label Solutions chose the Hepcomotion double-acting PSD80 linear actuator to help it produce a special-purpose labelling machine for a confectionery company.

A single machine was required to apply security labels to all four sides of a box of sweets and also to accommodate a range of pack sizes — meaning its labelling heads and parallel conveyors had to be able to move in unison to pre-determined positions, to accord with box dimensions.

Having used Hepcomotion linear motion products for many years, Sessions once again put its trust in this brand for this application too.

The basis of the resulting system is two pairs of parallel conveyors, mounted on linear slides that are coupled together to form an L shape, which were to be moved in and out by the Hepcomotion double-acting PSD80.

Key benefits of product application

  • PSD80 features a stainless-steel leadscrew operating with a bearing polymer nut
  • It also features Herculane wheels, mounted in an adjustable carriage body, for zero play linear motion
  • Double-acting function enables the adjustment of both conveyors from the operator side
  • Stainless steel cover protects the unit from debris
  • Sessions reported that it has fitted Hepcomotion to many of its systems over the years and has always found them to be good value and good quality products

Designing a unique engineering principle and making it a commercial success is quite an accomplishment.  Developing that concept and embracing complementary technologies to the point where the business becomes a world leader in its field takes that achievement into a different league.  HepcoMotion has achieved both and in 2009 celebrates 40th year of trading.   

Today HepcoMotion is one of the world’s foremost innovators and manufacturers of linear motion technology.  And this can be attributed to the important tenet – continued investment in its people processes and products.  This has allowed the company to grow even at times of economical difficulty.  

Although its range of individual, linear motion products remains an important part of its business the growth area for HepcoMotion in recent years is in specials and assemblies.  Almost one fifth of its shop floor space is devoted to assembly and the company has invested heavily in flexible manufacturing to ensure that even last minute changes can be accommodated to customer specification.  

Constantly re-assessing its strengths against changing market demands continues to provide HepcoMotion with the momentum for business growth.  The culture of ongoing investment has certainly worked well throughout its first 40 years and will continue to underpin its business in the decades to come.

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