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Heraeus Noblelight develops and produces continuous arc and flash lamps for a variety of applications, such as laser excitation and distance measurement in laser-based range finders.

These lamps must work reliably and the ignition process should be constant and repeatable.

Heraeus lamps utilise Heraeus Ignite Technology (HIT) and have a trigger spot.

Through a specific developed manufacturing step, the electrode material is vacuum metallised in a certain form and on a fixed place in the lamp.

This reduces the ignition voltage and makes the ignition process more reliable.

The ignition properties of arc and flash lamps can be inconsistent as the activation process is very complex and demands a priming or a start ionisation in the lamp gas.

It has been shown that by sputtering part of the electrode material on to the surface of the quartz near to the electrode, the voltage to ignite a lamp can be significantly lowered.

Heraeus Noblelight has developed a process to sputter some of the electrode material to improve the ignition process without affecting lamp lifetime.

Through laser processing, a defined amount and shape of evaporated material is created on the quartz inner surface.

This has minimal effect on the optical properties of the quartz material and thereby lamp lifetime is not compromised.

The process reduces the ignition voltage and makes the ignition process more reliable and more constant.

Xenon/Krypton specialty lighting sources are used in many laser and non-laser applications such as drilling, welding, cutting, marking, engraving, medical and aesthetic applications.

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