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Hexagon Metrology has introduced a range of vision and multi-sensor measuring systems under the Optiv label.

Five series are available, from the basic model to a high-performance instrument for measurements on the nano-scale.

According to the company, the multi-sensor technology in the Optiv product range combines optical and tactile measurements in one system.

Set up for 2D or 3D geometry, the system carries out measurements using the most suitable sensor, depending upon the material, reflection characteristics and accuracy requirements of the inspected item, with or without contact.

Optiv supports multi-sensor measurements using video sensors, tactile sensors, through-the-lens (TTL) lasers and chromatic white-light sensors (CWSs).

According to Mario Schroeder, product manager of the Optiv line, Hexagon Metrology can offer customers the PC-DMIS Vision measurement software.

He said: ‘Through the use of this measurement software solution on all Optiv measuring machines, we have implemented a uniform operating philosophy to considerably reduce the training requirement.

‘PC-DMIS has been considered the standard application when it comes to CAD-based measurement software.

‘PC-DMIS Vision now allows all the impressive functions for data capture and analysis to be used in vision metrology,’ added Schroeder.

Optiv measuring systems are designed for the quality assurance of components in the automobile and aerospace industries, telecommunications and biomedical engineering, plastic and electronics industries, microsystems technology and in tooling and mould making.

The measuring machines can be used to test the dimensional integrity of items such as integrated circuits, medical implants, micro lenses or ball grid arrays.

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