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Hexagon Metrology will showcase the expanded Leitz Reference range of co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), which now offers more flexibility, at Control 2010.

While the existing Leitz Reference CMMs will continue under the name Leitz Reference HP, the range has been expanded with two new series: the Leitz Reference Xi and Leitz Reference XT.

With accuracies from MPEE = 0.8 + L/400 microns, the Leitz Reference HP models are claimed to deliver measurement certainty.

The LSP-S2 scanning measurement head is compatible with the larger models in this series.

The LSP-X3c measurement head is available for the smaller models with Z measurement ranges of 300mm.

Hexagon developed the Leitz Reference Xi and Leitz Reference XT series to meet demands for a wider selection of measurement heads.

The Leitz Reference Xi can be used with either the LSP-X1s or the LSP-X1m fixed measurement head on the Tesastar-m wrist.

The LSP-X5, in contast, accepts the longest and heaviest styli clusters.

Therefore, the Leitz Reference user has a choice of indexing and fixed probe systems.

Indexing systems can capture every angle of an inspected part, while fixed measuring systems have a rigid construction.

The Leitz Reference XT series offers a choice of measurement heads.

The Leitz Reference Xi series provides precise measurement results within a temperature range of 18-21C.

With the Leitz Reference XT series, Hexagon has extended the temperature range to 15-30C by incorporating an advanced temperature compensation system.

The Leitz Reference Xi and the Leitz Reference XT series can provide multi-sensor control.

They will also be able to incorporate visual sensors in the future.

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