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Hi-Lex Controls and Kineo CAM have announced that Hi-Lex’s window regulator division has adopted Kineo CAM’s automatic path planning technology to optimise its assembly process.

Hi-Lex manufactures automotive cables and closure products (door modules, window regulators, power liftgates and so on) through an international network.

Hi-Lex made the decision to use Kineo path planning technology in 2006 for preparing the installation of window regulators into automotive doors.

Kineo technology enables rapid and accurate 3D prototype models to assemble the window regulator through the hole into the door, finding collision-free insertion paths in seconds instead of hours.

In addition, Kineo technology makes it possible to identify and correct issues that were impossible to detect using the old method, which gives Hi-Lex a competitive edge, according to Charles Hazel, design supervisor in the automotive division at Hi-Lex.

Using Kineo technology on the digital 3D models has helped Hi-Lex reduce the time required to develop loading simulations from, on average, one month to two days per program.

With the previous process, a mock-up or prototype door and window regulator had to be fabricated and the loading study physically validated.

If the regulator did not fit, the prototype had to be modified (cut, glued) or tooling had to be adjusted, costing the company significant resources and time.

Hi-Lex is also using the technology to generate simulated installation videos that help customers better understand solutions.

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