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The latest versions of the ZL-HBP (zero loss heater blower programme) desiccant air dryers from Hi-Line Industries are claimed to offer the lowest cost of ownership for adsorption dryers.

Their control system monitors and modifies operating parameters to ensure that compressed air inlet conditions are matched to the dewpoint required.

These products achieve dewpoints of -70deg PDP without loss of compressed air and feature insulated vessels, as well as heater and heat exchanger for good thermal efficiency.

This is complemented with generous vessels and an automatic energy management system (AEMS) that achieves regeneration of the desiccant using low-tariff electricity.

Waste heat utilisation from steam, oil or compression can be optionally used where available, with a fan motor also optimised for minimum power consumption.

Dryer units are available with flow rates from 10 up to 10,000 scfm.

Stainless steel pipework is fitted as standard with independent fail-safe switching valves and full-flow check valves (low pressure drop) also incorporated.

Pressure equalisation and heater protection systems are provided, eliminating pressure fluctuations and maintaining safety standards.

Pressure vessels conform to British/European standards EN286, BS5500 and ASME VIII, with 316 stainless steel pipework and valves being argon purge tig welded.

Products comply with EEC machinery directive, are CE marked and PED compliant, with electrical wiring conforming to 17th edition IEE regulations.

Nationwide service support is also available.

The dryers are designed to occupy the smallest footprint, with bespoke dryers supplied to suit specific customer requirements.

Installation and commissioning is included in the selling price with a one-year warranty covering parts and labour.

A five-year warranty is provided with a service contract.

The control panel providing AEMS control constantly analyses parameters and makes adjustments to maintain low running costs.

It offers a user interface with indicator panel where digital dewpoint, pressure, heater and electrical displays, together with the cycle stepping time are shown on screen.

Regeneration temperatures are controlled from a PLC, with cycle times matched to demand and triggered by the dewpoint control setting.

The control unit, incorporating AEMS, can also be offered as a retro-fit item to optimise the energy performance and provide improved efficiency and operation for any existing dryers.

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