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The Filtersoft range of cartridge filters from Hi-line is ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp, paper, chemical, semiconductor, automotive and general industrial and processing applications.

The filters can be supplied for use with a range of fluids, including compressed air, gases, process liquids and hydraulic and lubricating oils.

According to the company, the filters have been designed with energy efficiency in mind to help companies alleviate the effects of the climate-change levy.

Hi-line can cross-reference more than 147,000 cartridge filter elements, covering a range of filtration products from a number of suppliers to this market.

The Filtersoft range combines chemical and thermal compatibility, with availability in a range of sizes and end-cap materials and configurations to ensure that it can be used as a drop-in replacement for most filters.

The filters can be supplied for particulate removal, vacuum mist elimination, instrument air, coalescing and odour absorption applications.

A multistage filtration effect including impaction, direct interception and diffusion is achieved with the ultrafine 100 per cent borosilicate glass microfibres used for the body of the filtration element.

The elements are also designed to fit directly into existing filter housings without modifications or the need for special fitting kits; various filter element sizes are available from stock.

The proprietary Microflex filter media used in the manufacture of Hi-line products features a tapered-pore structure, which ensures 99.99999 per cent particle removal down to 0.01 microns.

In many cases, this performance is higher than original equipment specifications and is coupled with high flow rates, good dirt holding potential and low differential pressures to provide a long service life.

As well as manufacturing replacement filter cartridges, the company can also supply a range of desiccant and fridge dryers for the treatment of compressed air.

Hi-line also offers a Total Filter Management (TFM) strategy, designed for supplying all company filtration needs from process chemicals to effluent strainers.

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