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Hi-Line Industries is offering a full range of heatless pressure swing (HPS) adsorption dryers for compressed-air systems.

The dryers have been designed with simplified plug-and-play installation combining high efficiency with minimum running costs, while also providing reliability based on the latest technological advancements, according to the company.

Hi-Line claims that these products operate at a pressure range of 7-10barg (minimum 4barg) and are different from budget versions that use low-cost shuttle valves, which invariably fail within a relatively short time.

The new HPS dryers are suitable for any commercial/industrial application where high-quality dry air is required.

This includes food-and-beverage processing, aerospace and electronics production, automotive painting and instrument air supplies.

With the Hi-Line HPS range, positively driven ball valves are fitted.

They also incorporate stainless-steel pipework and high-quality check valves to ensure continuity of flow without dew-point spiking or pressure drop.

A digital logic controller is fitted, with an optional automatic energy management system (AEMS) also available for dew-point control.

The dryers do not use any external heat energy source.

The desiccant used is a standard activated alumina for a -40C dew-point operation (molecular sieve for -70C dew-point operation), which is regenerated using a very dry purging air supply.

This is expanded over an orifice plate, which further reduces the dew point due to the pressure reduction.

This very dry air supply desorbs water from the desiccant, passing through silencers back to the atmosphere.

This purge air supply typically uses 12.5 per cent of the dryer capacity.

The dryers operate as standard on a timer, with a normal 10-minute cycle time between vessel changeovers.

According to the company, this is sufficient to ensure that extracted water does not enter the core of the desiccant material (2.5mm- to 4mm-diameter spherical material).

The optional AEMS control system extends the cycle time to 30 minutes per vessel in low water-loading situations.

There are 19 models available in the range, with most sizes available as ex-stock versions.

They provide air throughput capacities from 20scfm (34Nm/h) up to 5,500scfm (9,350Nm/h), with all models being skid mounted.

Product footprints range from 675 x 380mm up to 2,900 x 1,900mm and heights from 1,625mm to 3,000mm.

All units can be supplied in a choice of colours or can be privately labelled for original equipment manufacturers.

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