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Hielscher is offering a range of services designed to support ultrasonic process research and development, engineering, process testing and optimisation. The company’s service offering also includes installation support and maintenance training.

The company’s service and training programmes are designed to save customers time and money. Services are available in the form of in-house technical training, laboratory or on-site testing, process engineering support and installation support.

Hielscher’s training sessions are said to provide the knowledge customers need to maximise the process efficiency and output of their ultrasonic devices. In addition, the problem-solving skills presented in these sessions will teach participants how to analyse and work through future process changes, such as modified product formulations or capacity scale-up.

Service portfolio

Technical training

  • A basic ultrasonic technical seminar provides information on Hielscher products, ultrasonic processing and cavitation characteristics, common applications, troubleshooting and failure analysis.
  • End-user training is also available, covering topics such as installation, system integration, data monitoring and maintenance.
  • Training sessions and seminars are offered on site or at the company’s Germany headquarters.

Ultrasonic process laboratory

  • Hielscher’s lab is equipped with a range of high-power ultrasonic devices, process accessories and analytic equipment.
  • The facility can be rented out for the development and optimisation of ultrasonic processes; alternatively, Hielscher can perform the sonification testing of customer liquids.

Field services

  • The company’s technicians can assist with the installation of ultrasonic devices and oversee start-up processes.
  • In the event of ultrasonic system failure, Hielscher has a large inventory of replacement generators, transducers and accessories.

Engineering and customisation services

  • The company has research and development and prototyping capabilities to design, machine, manufacture and test customised ultrasonic devices and accessories.

Hielscher Ultrasonics is worldwide known as top supplier for innovative ultrasonic devices from lab homogenizers to industrial processing reactors. Typical applications include, mixing and homogenizing, grinding, dispersing & emulsifying, extraction, lysis & disintegration as well as sonochemistry.

Covering this wide range of applications, Hielscher’s ultrasonic devices are successfully used in almost every liquid processing industry: Dispersing and wet-milling of particles in the ink, paint and coating sector; processing of nanomaterials, i.e. to precipitate or functionalize nano-size particles; ultrasonic mixing for the biodiesel production; sonochemistry and sonocatalysis to improve chemical reactions; lysis, fermentation and digestion for biological applications; homogenizing, extracting and pasteurization for food processing; or ultrasonic cleaning for endless materials, such as wire, cable, rods, tapes or tubes. Ultrasonic devices made by Hielscher are used for lab samples, pilot scale processing, process optimization and full scale production.

This includes ultrasonic devices for the ultrasonication of any liquid volume, from several microliters through hundreds of cubicmeters per hour. For more information, please visit Hielscher’s website:  

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