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Hielscher’s UP200HT ultrasonic homogeniser is suitable for applications such as homogenisation, dispersing, emulsification, disintegration, cell disruption, degassing and sonochemistry for both small and medium-sized volumes.

The IP41-grade device — which is suitable for handheld and stand-mounted use — features digital control, a touchscreen and automatic data recording and covers a range of parameter configurations including amplitude, pressure, temperature, flow cell and glass sonotrode.

An integrated sensor measures the temperature, while two LED lights illuminate the sonicated sample.

The homogeniser’s coloured touchscreen enables the user to adjust amplitude and power settings and the pulse mode using a coloured touch slider, as well as select whether to display amplitude and power as a coloured bar graph or in numerical form. A ‘big number’ mode uses bigger fonts and higher contrast for improved visibility.

The UP200HT includes ‘intelligent automatic frequency tuning’ — the generator automatically senses the best operational frequency when the homogeniser is switched on. According to Hielscher, this improves the device’s reliability and energy efficiency.

The unit can be operated and controlled via LAN and all sonication process information is automatically recorded on an SD/USB data card.

Key specifications

  • Depending on the application, the device can process up to 180 litres per day
  • Stainless steel flow cell can be pressurised up to 5 bar
  • The homogeniser can operate 24 hours a day
  • It can be used for the sonication of sample volumes of 0.1–2,000ml
  • Sonotrodes with tip diameters of 1–40mm are offered

Hielscher Ultrasonics is worldwide known as top supplier for innovative ultrasonic devices from lab homogenizers to industrial processing reactors. Typical applications include, mixing and homogenizing, grinding, dispersing & emulsifying, extraction, lysis & disintegration as well as sonochemistry.

Covering this wide range of applications, Hielscher’s ultrasonic devices are successfully used in almost every liquid processing industry: Dispersing and wet-milling of particles in the ink, paint and coating sector; processing of nanomaterials, i.e. to precipitate or functionalize nano-size particles; ultrasonic mixing for the biodiesel production; sonochemistry and sonocatalysis to improve chemical reactions; lysis, fermentation and digestion for biological applications; homogenizing, extracting and pasteurization for food processing; or ultrasonic cleaning for endless materials, such as wire, cable, rods, tapes or tubes. Ultrasonic devices made by Hielscher are used for lab samples, pilot scale processing, process optimization and full scale production.

This includes ultrasonic devices for the ultrasonication of any liquid volume, from several microliters through hundreds of cubicmeters per hour. For more information, please visit Hielscher’s website:  

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