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Tektronix is introducing two additions to its TPP Series of passive voltage probes, designed to suit the needs of engineers developing energy-efficient power supplies and power semiconductors.

The new TPP0850 and TPP0502 probes extend the TPP Series architecture of high-bandwidth, general-purpose probes, offering what Tektronix claims to be the industry’s highest bandwidth probe (800MHz) for high-voltage signals (up to 2,500Vpk-pk).

This is suitable for testing power semiconductors and switch-mode power supplies, which continue to increase in switching speed to minimise power loss, creating a need for faster rise time, higher bandwidth and higher-voltage probes.

The TPP0850 can be used with switching transistor circuits operating at 1,200VRMS, above the voltage operating range of standard general-purpose probes.

It will also be able to accommodate emerging power applications that will require even faster rise-time capabilities.

Tektronix claims that the TPP0502 offers the industry’s highest bandwidth (500MHz) and lowest attenuation factor (2X) for making low-voltage measurements such as ripple, a common measurement on the output of power supplies.

The low capacitive loading of the TPP0502 means long ground leads can be used with minimal impact on measurement quality, providing engineers with the flexibility to move around their design without worrying about ground-lead length.

Both the TPP0502 and TPP0850 offer smart communication with MSO/DPO5000 and MSO/DPO4000B Series oscilloscopes through the TekVPI interface.

This means the oscilloscope will automatically scale the display to match the attenuation factor of the probe to show the results.

Furthermore, the built-in auto-compensation feature on the probes automatically compensates the probe-oscilloscope pathway to provide an accurate measurement every time the probe is connected to the oscilloscope.

Before now, engineers had to manually compensate their probes every time they moved the probe to a different channel on the oscilloscope or a different oscilloscope, a time-consuming process.

The MSO/DPO5000 and MSO/DPO4000B Series oscilloscopes deliver comprehensive power analysis, including measurements for power quality, switching loss, magnetics loss and power-output analysis.

The DPOxPWR and DPOPWR softwares also feature automated de-skew of probes to ensure accurate measurements.

The TPP0850 and TPP0502 probes will be generally available from the beginning of June.

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