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Horn Cutting Tools has announced that the Horn high-feed milling system offers enhanced productivity for roughing operations.

Horn DAH has been specially developed for roughing with high feed rates at low cutting depth.

The geometry of the triple-edged inserts is said to ensure favourable distribution of cutting forces as it has been developed to direct cutting forces in the axially.

This reduces the spindle load in shear and offers productivity and tool-life advantages, according to Horn Cutting Tools.

High-feed milling strategies generally allow suitable tooling to absorb very high loads using tooth feeds of up to 1mm per tooth, comparing favourably with the relatively low cutting depths of 0.5-0.8mm for conventional tools.

Horn DAH milling cutters provides better values.

The special cutting geometry, which combines ‘soft’ cutting with fast plunging, enables cutting depths up to 1.2mm.

Depending on the material, feed rates up to 3mm per tooth can be sustained with a maximum cutting depth of 1.2mm.

The triple-edged milling inserts are currently available in the carbide grade SA4B.

This is said to offer high wear resistance for milling steel and cast materials, allowing DAH tooling to combine improved productivity with extended tool life.

Along with other Horn milling systems the holders are titanium nitride (TiN) coated, which minimises chip adhesion and works in concert with the internal coolant supply to ensure optimum swarf evacuation.

The shanks are available as end mills with Weldon toolholder and as industry standard connection cutter with the MD holder design.

With cutting-edge diameters of 20, 25, 32 and 40mm, the DAH milling system expands the product range of the Horn company for tool making, mould making and general milling applications in the direction of larger diameters and higher feed rates.

Horn Cutting Tools

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