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ES Technology has released the Dilas Mini Diode Laser System, which can be used in direct materials processing, such as selective soldering and welding of plastics, as well as other applications.

Despite its compact dimensions of 336 x 144mm, this high-power diode laser system delivers optical output powers of up to 50W CW at 980nm from a 400um fibre and up to 35W CW power with a 200um fibre.

Cooling is provided by Peltier elements and air flow.

The Mini can be used for a variety of applications in direct materials processing such as selective soldering and welding of plastics as well as for applications in illumination, analysis or research and development, for which different wavelengths (630 to 2,000nm) are available upon request.

The system can be controlled via a USB port, using software supplied by Dilas, or by conventional analogue and 24V signals.

It is available as an easy-to-integrate OEM version without housing or as a fully housed desktop version.

A fibre-optic cable of 5m length and with SMA connector allows flexible beam guidance to the work area.

A range of accessories, such as processing heads with different focal spot sizes and working distances, can be used in conjunction with the Mini system and the integrated red pilot beam facilitates alignment of the laser to the work piece.

In addition to the distribution of Dilas laser products and other electro optic components, ES Technology also provides sub-contract laser marking services, after-sales service and parts, sales and service for ULS flatbed CO2 lasers and the design and manufacture of laser marking systems.

The company is also the UK and Ireland distributor for Concept Laser and its range of Lasercusing systems.

The addition of this new Dilas product will further enhance the portfolio of laser related products and services available from the company.

ES Technology Ltd is an Oxford company with a 22 year history of manufacturing laser-based manufacturing equipment and providing a range of associated services and products. Our four business units are. Design and build of special purpose laser systems. We use a range of industrial lasers to provide customers with turnkey machines for laser marking, cutting and welding.Systems incorporate handling such as robot, conveyor or bowl-feed; motion and control elements such as XY/rotary tables and of course the appropriate laser and beam delivery for the job.Control is via PC/PLC and dedicated front-end software provides the human interface and integrates barcode readers, vision, etc as required. Laser jobshop.We use 10 laser systems to provide laser marking on a subcontract basis on plastic, metal, ceramic or wood.Products and components receive logos, serial numbers, barcodes and other functional marks.We also perform fine metal cutting and microperforating services. Distribution of rapid prototyping/rapid manufacturing systems.ES is the exclusive UK distributor of Concept Laser LaserCUSING systems which make parts in titanium, aluminium, stainless or tool steel and inconel directly from 3D CAD designs by additive layer build. Optical components.Laser diodes, safety eyewear and acousto-optic components/wafers are distributed.

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