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Sara Loading Bay Specialists has used its Sprint 392 high-speed doors to perform a heat-loss calculation for a Bedfordshire-based company.

These calculations are performed regularly by Sara engineers to evaluate how quickly one of the company’s high-speed doors will pay for itself as a result of savings in energy.

Typically, the payback period was two to three years, but this is being shortened progressively with rising energy costs.

If leasing is brought into the equation, then the whole purchase process can be cash neutral – and this includes maintenance.

The outcome of the calculation, undertaken for the company in Bedfordshire, was energy cost savings of over GBP1,989 per year.

The payback resulting from these savings was estimated to be two years at current energy costs; with commensurate reductions in the payback period as energy costs rose.

If the door had been leased instead of purchased, then the cost over two years – including maintenance visits – would have been approximately GBP300 per month.

On this cost basis, the door would have been paid for in less than two years; the leasing cost being nearly cash neutral on a month-by-month basis.

For companies seeking to reduce energy costs through increased loading efficiency, Sara recommends a visit from one of its experienced engineers.

The engineers carry out a simple energy calculation to determine how quickly a door in a particular plant can pay for itself.

The potential user can then see the economic benefits in the short term and in the longer term.

The Sprint 392 door is claimed to be able to achieve high levels of energy savings due to its high-speed operation, with opening speeds of up to 2.5m/s provided from the optional vector control system.

A full vision door designed for frequent traffic, the Sprint can also be programmed for dual opening heights with the vector control option: reduced for normal use – keeping energy losses to a minimum – and full height opening for occasional larger vehicles.

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