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Ultra Volt has announced that its E Series modules, which offer a high-resolution programmable high-voltage DC output optimised for bias or power applications, have moved into full production.

As such, the prices of all units in this product line were reduced up to 10 per cent.

This move to production also includes the addition of the optional SHV- and BNC-style connectors.

This line of power supplies provides PPM-level performance with a temperature coefficient of 10ppm for the 10V DC reference, output-voltage monitor and HV output.

Each model features 0 to 10V remote programming, 0 to 10V monitors for output voltage and output current calibrated to less than +/-0.01 per cent.

The E Series also offers PPM-level line regulation and load regulation, and provides voltage and current regulation.

All of these standard features are available in a device with a footprint of less than 23in2.

The SHV and BNC connector options support precision coaxial cable assemblies offering superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.

E Series modules are optimised for applications such as electron beams, ion beams, energy analysers and detectors.

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