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Wakefield-based Earthmover Tyres will exhibit the TMS tyre pressure and temperature-monitoring system at Hillhead 2010.

The system has been well received throughout South America and has been proven in the most extreme conditions in the mines of the Atacama Desert.

Monitoring the pressure and temperatures of the tyres in the huge earthmoving machines is vital to their performance and safety.

TMS can help improve fuel efficiency, reduce wear and predict imminent problems, allowing companies to schedule tyre maintenance.

It has already prevented a bearing failure in a Terex TS40 motor scraper.

Fitted as part of a tyre-management programme, the alarm built into the TMS in the driver’s cab sounded and the tyre pressure and temperature-data downloaded from the TMS unit showed that the air temperature in the tyre was reaching the predetermined threshold and triggering the alarm.

All known sources of the problem were checked but unable to identify any defect with the tyre or the system the vehicle was returned to service.

The tyre-monitoring system triggered the alarm once more and finally a faulty wheel bearing was identified as the cause of the tyre heating, transferring heat to the hub/rim and then causing the air temperature inside the tyre to heat up and trigger the tyre-monitoring system alarm.

The repair was able to be scheduled and downtime minimised.

Earthmover Tyres is a tyre-maintenance and fitting company dedicated to the OTR earthmover market.

It has found fitting TMS sensors both easy and quick when undertaken as part of a tyre-replacement programme.

TMS is designed and manufactured by AM Bromley of Buxton, Derbyshire and is specifically designed for use in OTR tyres.

The TMS system sends information wirelessly from a sensor inside each tyre to a receiver mounted in the vehicle.

The receiver is connected to an operator interface in the cab of the vehicle to display real-time information to the driver.

The operator interface can also be connected to a laptop for historical data viewing and alarm configuration via TMS Manager, a PC application.

AM Bromley

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