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Bjorge Safety Systems AS has implemented a type of flow-based pipeline protection system (PPS) for the Gjoa field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea with Hima’s safety system H51q.

As well as monitoring the pipeline-entry pressure, the single-ended PPS measures the flow and temperature in the pipeline.

All parameters are collected in the Hima safety-control system.

The engineering tool ELOP II produces a flow profile, which is simulated in a dynamic model to forecast the requisite shut-down scenarios and target values.

The software uses various shut-down scenarios depending on the actual flow, pressure and temperature values.

The PPS makes it possible to operate at a higher pressure and with higher flow rates in the pipeline.

The diameter of the Gjoa pipeline could then be reduced from 720 to 680mm, leading to savings of around EUR10m for the Gjoa licence partners.

Hima Paul Hildebrandt

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH Co KG – safety-related automation solutions for process, machine and building safety HIMA solutions, whether for critical safety applications in the process industry, in machine or in building automation, protect people, assets and the environment in more than 80 countries around the globe.

What distinguishes HIMA solutions from the rest, is the combination of maximum safety and maximum availability. Only through permanent safety and uninterrupted operation are HIMA’s clients able to achieve their business goals.

HIMA solutions are based on practically-focused safety consulting, wide-ranging application experience, a comprehensive product range and the ability to successfully integrate safety solutions into almost any automation environment.

All HIMA systems and solutions comply with the latest international and local safety standards like IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, EN 954, EN ISO 13849 and are suitable for SIL 3 and even SIL 4, Cat. 4 and PL e applications.

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