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Himax, the safety system from Hima Paul Hildebrandt for medium-sized and large applications, is safeguarding the chlorine production process at Vinnolit’s Gendorf facility.

The German PVC manufacturer was said to be impressed by Hima’s total redundancy concept, which guarantees the continuous operation of the chlorine plant.

‘We selected Himax because it has the performance needed for our machine applications, especially the pump limit regulation,’ said Peter Grandl, EMR technician in the chlorine production area at Vinnolit Burgkirchen.

Himax controllers are used throughout Vinnolit’s chlorine production process at the Gendorf industrial estate, as ESD (emergency shutdown) systems and for monitoring machinery.

The safety systems protect staff and residents against the plant’s potential hazards.

Originally planned as just a safety system for the new chlorine compressor, it developed into a complex system of six Himax PESs connected together over a distance of about 1.5km using Safe Ethernet.

Using the Safe Ethernet ring means that future extensions to the plant will be easy to implement.

The pure-brine production facility, membrane electrolysis and central control room each have one Himax system, while the chlorine compressor and auxiliary systems have three Himax systems to ensure maximum availability.

The Himax system processes more than 700 safety-related inputs and outputs.

Grandl was also said to be impressed by the ease with which the Hima controller can be integrated – the use of open-standard protocols enables integration into every major control system.

Himax was integrated into the company’s ABB Freelance process control system using the Profibus-DP communication standard.

An important factor in the success of Himax at the Gendorf facility was Silworx, the configuration, programming and diagnostic environment for Himax.

Silworx is a fully integrated software tool for all tasks throughout the entire system life cycle.

The user interface is claimed to reduce application errors and speed up the engineering process.

The Himax safety system enables uninterrupted operation throughout the entire life cycle of a processing plant.

It is based on ‘Nonstop XMR’ technology from Hima.

This combines SIL 3 safety technology with a scalable, fault-tolerant architecture, which eliminates false tripping and enables unlimited changes, modifications, extensions, improvements and even proof tests during system operation.

Hima Paul Hildebrandt

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH Co KG – safety-related automation solutions for process, machine and building safety HIMA solutions, whether for critical safety applications in the process industry, in machine or in building automation, protect people, assets and the environment in more than 80 countries around the globe.

What distinguishes HIMA solutions from the rest, is the combination of maximum safety and maximum availability. Only through permanent safety and uninterrupted operation are HIMA’s clients able to achieve their business goals.

HIMA solutions are based on practically-focused safety consulting, wide-ranging application experience, a comprehensive product range and the ability to successfully integrate safety solutions into almost any automation environment.

All HIMA systems and solutions comply with the latest international and local safety standards like IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, EN 954, EN ISO 13849 and are suitable for SIL 3 and even SIL 4, Cat. 4 and PL e applications.

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