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Ashtead Technology has revealed how Horiba portable gas analysers on emergency hire have helped a consultancy firm to save a client almost GBP0.5m by preventing the shutdown of an incineration plant.

When a problem occurred with the on-line analyser at a municipal waste incinerator, it was vitally important that a solution was found quickly so that the plant could continue to operate.

Representatives from Environmental Compliance were on-site carrying out compliance monitoring at the time, and they contacted Ashtead Technology to arrange an urgent next-day rental for two Horiba PG250 portable multi-gas analysers.

‘For the next three days the monitoring was undertaken with the rented equipment from Ashtead, resulting in total cost savings of almost GBP0.5m; the estimated cost of closing down the plant for three days,’ said Rhodri Jones, senior team leader at Environmental Compliance.

The portable and Mcerts-approved Horiba PG250 is capable of simultaneously measuring up to five separate gas components.

It is ideal for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) certification testing of NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2 or for use when stack-gas emissions must be monitored periodically at one or multiple stacks.

Housed in a lightweight and portable case, it utilises the same measurement principles as permanently installed CEMS.

The range of Ashtead CEMS instrumentation also includes the Testo 350XL gas analyser and Sick Bernath Atomic FID.

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