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Hitachi Europe Display Products Group (DPG) has introduced a 19in 1.7 megapixel WSXGA+ TFT display module.

The TX48D21VM0CAA display implements IPS-Pro, which provides a stable colour image from any viewing angle, excellent colour saturation and a high contrast ratio.

Demand has increased for wide viewing angle and wide field of vision displays in high performance monitoring equipment.

Medical imaging applications such as ultrasonic-based diagnostic and computed tomography (CT) scanning systems require consistent optical performance and accurate image reproduction.

Contrast and colour characteristics must be maintained over a range of viewing angles/positions.

When viewed from an acute angle, a conventional TFT display will exhibit a loss of brightness and display-image colours become inverted.

In medical diagnostic imaging-systems, this could make the image viewed by one doctor different to the representation seen by a second doctor.

Hitachi’s IPS-Pro overcomes the limitations of conventional TFT display technology.

The superior performance of IPS-Pro technology also enables the 17in, 19in and 21.3in displays to be used in many high-end, multi-viewer applications that demand high optical-performance.

All models are suitable for use in public information displays, security surveillance, video monitoring and other high-end industrial applications.

The 19in WSXGA+ TX48D21VM0CAA features a resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels, a contrast ratio of 900:1 and brightness of 300cd/m.

The LVDS input signal interface can display up to 16.7M colours.

The display module measures 444 x 300 x 24mm and weighs 2,900g.

The IPS-Pro technology used in the TX48D21 display ensures viewing angles of 170 degrees in horizontal and vertical planes without significant reduction in contrast.

The TX48D21 features a long-life CCFL backlighting unit.

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