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Hitaltech will now offer Omron’s range of FPC-FFC connectors, including the XF3M.


This connector is suitable for applications requiring a connection between an LCD panel and a printed circuit board or for other board-to-board connections across varying electronic and industrial applications.

The key feature of the XF3M is the rotary back-lock mechanism, which offers easier cable insertion, positive confirmation of correct installation and a very secure retention of the cable in use. The mechanism is based on a rotary slider for securing the FPC/FFC cable, which is mounted independently from the FPC/FFC socket. A sharp ‘click’ on engagement makes it easy to confirm that the latch is completely locked.

This mechanism enables the socket to be constructed with a four-sided housing that securely holds the FPC/FFC cable for enhanced mounting reliability. With conventional rotary lock connectors, the rotary slider is positioned at the FPC/FFC socket, which means that lifting the cable or applying excessive force may cause the rotary latch to disengage. The design of the Omron XF3M looks to address these issues.

The connector has a height of 2.0mm and a depth of 6.4mm (when locked). The XF3M has a dual contact structure, enabling the cable to be inserted either way up. 

To simplify insertion, the connector can accept cable inserted at an angle, and will then lock securely to hold the cable in place. 

It accepts 0.3mm thick FPC or FFC cable, is available in 0.5mm or 1.0mm pitches and conforms to a widely used industry accepted board footprint. 

The moulded parts use LCP (liquid crystal polymer) resins and its halogen-free construction makes the XF3M environmentally friendly.

Hitaltech has recently announced its appointment as an authorised Omron Electronic Components distributor.

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Founded in 1986, Hitaltech is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company specialising in connecting technologies and enclosures suitable for electronic and electrical applications.

Founded in 1986, Hitaltech is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company specialising in connecting technologies and enclosures suitable for electronic and electrical applications.
With Headquarters in Brussels, Hitaltech is a multinational company with subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Italy and Japan.
‘Our customers define the service we are expected to deliver’.
Hitaltech aim to provide this quality through, on time delivery of the right product
at the right price.
Hitaltech offer a large range of plastic enclosures including DIN Rail mounting, hand held, wall mounting and IP65 Rated cases. In order to offer an enclosure which meets the requirements of both design engineers and marketing, Hitaltech can cost effectively customise the enclosures through a machining and/or printing service.
Hitaltech’s most recent addition to the enclosure range is DIN rail mounting enclosures produced specifically to house embedded platforms including, Raspberry Pi B+, BeagleBone & Arduino.
As well as enclosures, Hitaltech also supply flexible interconnect solutions produced by our manufacturing partner in Germany. These flat flexible cables are ideal for applications requiring a stress and vibration resistant connection between two or more printed circuit boards.
Finally, Hitaltech offer a complete range of Rising Clamp & spring clamp terminal blocks and connectors. Available from 2 to 25 poles across a range of pitches Hitaltech aim to offer an interconnect solution to meet the requirements of any design issue.

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