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Halifax Numerical Controls (HNC) has manufactured a second linear motor demonstration unit for Fanuc GE’s Luxembourg-based European headquarters.

Six months ago, HNC supplied Fanuc GE with the first linear motor demonstration unit.

Effectively a scaled-down twin-column, travelling-gantry machine with four independent programmable heads mounted on a crossrail, each linear-motor-driven axis is capable of traverse rates of 2000mm/s with acceleration of 2G and nanometre resolution with absolute feedback provided by linear scales.

For machines with longer axes, speeds of up to 4000mm/s can be realised.

The unit utilises Fanuc GE’s 310i-A CNC controller and amplifiers and operates with its HRV4 high-response servo control unit.

With industry recognising the benefits of linear motor technology and many of Fanuc GE’s European counterparts ‘borrowing’ the unit for promotion within their own markets, a second unit was needed.

Mike Diskin, managing director of HNC, said: ‘The second unit will be a marginally different as it will be used for exhibitions and open-houses around Europe, so it will need to be a little more portable.’

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