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Hobart Brothers has introduced a patent-pending range of flux-cored welding wires designed to provide low-temperature impacts and improve productivity on chrome-moly welding applications.

The Hobart Fabco Xtreme B2, Xtreme B3 and Xtreme 120 provide the type of mechanical properties previously only attainable by using slower-stick or submerged-arc welding processes, according to the company.

Unlike other welding products with T-5 slag systems, the Xtreme wires are designed to operate on direct current electrode negative (DCEN) and offer all-position welding capabilities.

Laboratory testing has shown the 3/32in (2.4mm)-diameter B2 wires are capable of welding in the vertical-up position.

The Fabco Xtreme B2 and B3 wires are designed for high-temperature service applications requiring high tensile strengths and creep resistance, such as welding boiler and pressure vessel piping, fittings and high-temperature valves.

The Xtreme B2 is designed for use with 1.25 per cent chrome and 0.5 per cent molybdenum steels (P11 piping, for example) and can replace E8018-B2 stick electrodes to increase productivity, while the Xtreme B3 deposits a weld chemistry needed for 2.25 per cent chrome and one per cent molybdenum steels (P21 and P22 piping) and is a speed-enhancing alternative to E8018-B3 electrodes.

Both products create low spatter levels and provide a removable slag to help minimise post-weld clean-up.

They also create low hydrogen weld deposits (less than 6ml/100g of weldment) to minimise the chance of weld cracking.

The Fabco Xtreme 120 flux-cored wire meets DNV Y69MS (H5) for welding on offshore jack-up rigs where high strength, excellent impact properties and defect-free welds are critical.

It also meets ABS to AWS E121TG-GC H4.

The wire’s composition is balanced to produce welds in the 120-130ksi tensile strength range, yield strengths more than 105ksi and Charpy impact properties of 51ft-lb at -76F, even when subject to a range of heat inputs and cooling rates.

Like the B2 and B3 versions, the Xtreme 120 wires provide all-position welding capabilities and weld similar to filler metals with T-1 slag systems, making them easier to use.

The wire offers a low hydrogen weld deposit of less than 4ml per 100g of weldment to defend against cracking, reducing the need for costly rework and helping companies maintain a high level of productivity.

Other applications that can benefit from Xtreme 120 wires are high-strength crane booms and subassemblies and applications using A514-grade, N25HN, Weldten 710 or 780, ABS EQ63 or 70, Dillimax 690 or HY100 steels.

Hobart Brothers offers the Fabco Xtreme wires in diameters ranging from 0.045in (1.143mm) to 1/16in diameters and on 33lb (15kg) vacuum-packed spools.

Diameters and packaging are product specific.

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