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Hodge Clemco has completed the installation of a self-contained blast room with high-performance sound insulation, abrasive recovery and dust-extraction systems for Bodycote Surface Technology.

The blast room is part of an upgrade of facilities at the company’s Lancashire premises, which aims to provide a complete engineering service including machining, manufacturing and thermal spray finishing.

It undertakes a range of production, refurbishment and reverse-engineering projects for customers in aerospace, oil and gas, atomic energy, motor racing and other sectors.

The Hodge Clemco blast room measures 5m (l) x 3.6m (w) x 2.5m (h) and has double-access doors at one end to allow large components to be accommodated.

The booth is constructed from modular double-skinned panels with an acoustic lining, which reduces source noise by 30dba.

Doors are interlocked to prevent people entering while blasting is in progress and the walls are lined with rubber curtains to reduce abrasion.

Air-inlet ducts and exhaust air outlets have been designed and positioned to ensure highly effective cross-draught ventilation within the room, in order to provide good visibility for operators.

The outlets are connected to external extraction ducting.

Abrasive is recovered for reuse by means of a pneumatic suction filter unit linked to a sweep-in hopper in the floor of the blast room.

A vacuum silo receives all spent media, dust and debris from the floor hopper, separates out reusable abrasive and places it into a storage hopper – from where it automatically refills the blast machine.

The system is adjustable to allow for different types of abrasive.

Dust collected by a dry-filter unit is dislodged automatically when the fan stops and falls directly into a bin for disposal.

The bins are fitted with a plastic liner to make dust disposal easier and cleaner.

An attenuator completely encloses the fan motor and discharge.

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