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Depe Gear Company has selected a Hoefler Rapid 800 gear grinder through the manufacturer’s UK agent Micronz to help it keep pace with growing demand for its products.

The gear grinder is said to have met Depe Gear’s technical specifications and is able to get through the same amount of work in one day that previously took the company’s older machines a week to complete.

Hoefler’s machines are based on thermally stable, cast mineral machine beds and columns, giving them good co-efficiency of expansion characteristics.

The Rapid 800 features a powerful wheel-head that is rotated by a torque motor, facilitating accuracy and wear-free five-axis live grinding of tooth-flank modifications and topological gear grinding.

A high-quality torque motor is also used to drive the machine’s rotary table, ensuring precision and wear-free positioning.

Depe Gears’ Rapid 800 delivers high-speed grinding with traverse speeds of 12m/min resulting in time savings up to 50 per cent.

The modular nature of Hoefler’s gear grinding machines ensures that each customer is able to specify a machine to match their requirements.

External/internal gear grinding in addition to OD/face/ID cylindrical grinding options are available, while grinding spindles that allow the use of small external wheels, down to 10mm in diameter, can be specified on large machines.

A range of spur gears, helical gears and Internal gears are able to be cut, ground and inspected on Hoefler’s range of machines, from small precision gears up to large gears weighing more than 50,000kg, with diameters and shaft lengths of up to 6000mm and 3000mm respectively.

The Rapid 800 has a relatively small footprint and has released valuable shop floor space at Depe Gear’s manufacturing facility.

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