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JD Neuhaus is to showcase its range of materials handling and lifting products for specialised applications in particular industries at CEMAT 2011.

The company will highlight the EH 25 monorail hoist, which is designed to fulfil the requirements for the safe and effective handling of BOP products whether for offshore rigs, seagoing vessels or land-based operations.

A 25-tonne lift capacity is combined with air- or hydraulic-operated lift and travel movements, together with optional remote electrical or radio controls.

For shipbuilding or general shipyard applications, the JDN Profi 25 TI hoist provides both horizontal and oblique lifting and pulling with sensitive positioning control and rugged reliability.

The EH and Profi hoists both benefit from recent design advantages in performance, low component count and energy savings, with models also available with 37- and 50-tonne lift capacities.

To complement these marine-proven products, the company will exhibit its Profi 6 TI air-operated hoist developed for subsea operation.

Other 25-tonne capacity hoists have already been deployed in underwater repair operations on a large tanker vessel while still afloat.

The Profi 2 TI hoist also being exhibited will be equipped with a low-headroom trolley for overhead rail operation.

This product, with a two-tonne lift, is suitable for many industrial applications such as foundries and chemical, cement and pharmaceuticals production.

Hoists with up to 100-tonnes lift capacity can be supplied from its Profi range, equipped with manual, reel chain or motorised trolleys.

For food and other light industry applications, the Mini 250 hoist will be demonstrated with a 250kg capacity.

This is a flexible and universally deployable air-operated hoist that can be complemented with 125, 500 980kg capacity versions.

A Profi 3 TI hoist of 3.2-tonne capacity and suitable for cryogenic operation down to -20C will also be shown.

This product is said to be suitable for cold store operation and can be either air or hydraulically operated For operation at temperatures from -20C to -45C, hydraulic hoists can be supplied fitted with a pre-heating device for the drives, with cryogenic hydraulic oil used for the control, traverse and lifting operations.

An adapted EH 20 hydraulic monorail hoist has also been successfully tested for operation at these extreme arctic conditions.

All these JD Neuhaus products are fully rated for operation in explosive or otherwise hazardous areas and toughest environments.

Increased spark protection can also be accommodated for explosion group IIC with 100 per cent duty rating, integrated safety features and sensitive, infinitely variable speed controls provided for precise load positioning.

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