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Honda Connectors is announcing the introduction of a series of locking power connectors and accessories for the renewable energies industry.

The RZM series has been developed for use in photovoltaic panels in solar battery applications.

Connectors are TUV certified as standard, with UL accreditation currently being obtained.

The company said that the RZM series connectors are easy to assemble and connect.

They also incorporate additional safety features including a friction locking mechanism, and are robust enough to withstand harsh environments.

The connectors are suitable for use with 2mm2, 3.5mm2 and 4mm2 wiring.

Honda’s photovoltaic panel connectors, rated at 20A, feature a simple construction, designed for durability and reliability.

The two-piece design crimp connector is IP67 rated and requires a high mating for force >89N.

Honda has also developed a range of accessories to complement its RZM photovoltaic panel connector series.

Included are hold-down fixtures, junction boxes and customer specific cable assemblies.

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