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Hone-All Precision has relocated its subcontract machining operations to larger refurbished premises in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

The move was prompted by the need for increased production capacity and a more efficient process flow from raw material through to finished component, along with easier access to and from the factory.

However, relocation has allowed several environmental and related initiatives to be implemented as part of the refurbishment project that are claimed to have impacted favourably on the company.

Andrea Rodney, co-director of Hone-All Precision, said: ‘Our machining capability continues to be components up to 250mm diameter by 3m long but doubling our floor space to 20,000ft2 has allowed additional investment in machine tools.

‘This is a vital part of our lean manufacturing strategy, which has shortened delivery times and minimised the movement of heavy material and components through the factory.

‘We have also reduced energy usage by installing a new roof with clear panels to let in natural light, and opting for Carbon Trust-approved, highly energy efficient daylight quality lighting throughout the factory,’ she added.

The company claimed that the expertise to produce high length-to-depth ratio holes, often in difficult-to-machine materials such as inconel and hastelloy, while guaranteeing good surface finish and straightness characteristics is key to its progress over the past 10 years.

In terms of deep-hole drilling this equates to a surface finish of 0.8micron Ra/32 CLA and a total run-out (TIR) of 0.025mm/25.4mm.

Typical components requiring deep-hole drilling up to 30mm diameter include con rods, drive shafts, steering columns, electronic housings, injection mould tools, prosthetics, rotors, actuators and landing gear.

For holes with a diameter greater than 30mm, the alternative is deep-hole boring.

Hone-All Precision claimed its commitment to maintaining its specialist skills in deep-hole drilling, boring and honing, as well as its one-stop-shop machining capability, is backed by an emphasis on good housekeeping, safe working practices and a comprehensive environmental policy.

Every machine tool was inspected before the move, re-engineered, re-wired and, when installed in the new factory, subjected to a comprehensive safety check.

The increased floor space is said to have contributed to a shop floor layout that ensures a smooth and logical workflow, minimising work-in-progress and eliminating potential production bottlenecks.

As regards environmental considerations, a factory-wide clean-air blower and filtration system with ceiling-mounted extraction units positioned strategically throughout the machining area prevents the build-up of oil mist, while machine tools are located in drip trays, with billets drained on mesh-covered drip trays, to avoid oil spills and minimise wastage.

Machine tanks are no longer filled by hand as oil tanks equipped with retractable hoses are situated at one end of the mezzanine floor that runs the entire length of the building.

Swarf is removed via the swarf conveyors with integral drip trays that are fitted to some machines; on other machines it is removed to hoppers with drainage facilities.

It is then spun to recover the neat oil before being sent off-site for segregation and recycling.

Hone-All Precision

Whatever your requirements for quality, precision-machined components, single-source manufacturing offers the most reliable and cost-effective solution.

At Hone-All, we provide a wide variety of industries with a complete service to meet all their manufacturing needs — from sourcing raw materials to producing finish-machined components.

We specialise in deep-hole boring, deep-hole drilling, gundrilling, honing and CNC turning and offer the highest levels of quality and customer care within the industry. We are able to deep-hole bore, gundrill, hone and turn billets measuring up to 3m in length.  

We constantly invest in our highly skilled teams, the latest industry systems, new CNC machine tools and state-of-the-art inspection technology to ensure business excellence at every stage of manufacture.

As all procedures are carried out within our own facilities, we are able to continuously improve controls over cost, quality and lead times. This guarantees the most competitive rates and a faster, more efficient service that not only meets but exceeds your production demands.

We are approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 9100:2003 and hold an SC21 Bronze award for excellence of supply into the aerospace and defence industries.

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