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Honeywell has been selected to transform operational safety at an ethylene plant operated by Noretyl.

The scope of work includes the immediate installation of four Safety Manager systems and three redundant C300 controllers at the plant, located in Rafnes, Norway.

Honeywell will also provide local services and support and will eventually replace all of the plant’s remaining, ageing safety systems.

The project includes integrating the plant’s existing Honeywell distributed control system (DCS) with Safety Manager, which has a diagnostic coverage of 99.99 per cent and can be used for simultaneously processing multiple Safety Integrity Functions (SIFs) that require up to Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3).

This approach will give Noretyl operators one common user interface across both systems, helping them to quickly see and understand critical situations.

Maintenance costs should be reduced as Noretyl – which is owned by chemical company Ineos – uses a single supplier for both the DCS and safety systems, according to Honeywell.

The system is also claimed to be easier and more intuitive to operate.

Safety Manger provides protection for safety applications throughout the life of an installation.

It provides the basis for critical control and safety unification, reducing risks and installed costs and improving safety while increasing uptime.

At the Rafnes plant, approximately 550,000 tons of ethylene and 80,000 tons propylene are manufactured every year.

Honeywell Control Systems

Honeywell Environmental and Combustion Controls is the leading innovator in heating controls, gas controls and water products that improve energy efficiency and water conservation, support regulatory compliance, and maintain safe, comfortable environments in homes and buildings.

With wired and wireless options, Honeywell heating controls combines ease and speed of installation with the best in comfort, energy efficiency and sophistication.

Honeywell is committed to addressing the 80 percent of UK homes without the Building Regulations’ minimum standard for energy efficient heating controls, and the 8.5 million homes without even a simple thermostat. Its latest innovations include TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) advanced energy saving control, which provides more accurate temperature control than traditional home controls and uniquely also matches boiler firing to system load, so the boiler operates much more efficiently.

Honeywell water controls include valves and accessories for water control, pressure reduction and regulation, backflow prevention and system balancing. They range from brass bodied products for plumbers to large cast iron valves for the water mains supply.

Technical help on any aspect of heating and water control is available on the websites below or by calling the Honeywell Technical Support Line during office hours on 08457 678999 (local rate for UK callers).

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