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Honeywell compact, pressure-reducing valves have been awarded the Waterwise Marque, awarded annually to products that reduce water wastage or raise the awareness of water efficiency.

The Honeywell valves maintain a constant ideal water pressure, irrespective of the supply pressure.

The Waterwise Marque applies to Honeywell D04FS, D05F and D06F valves.

Models are available with built-in filters, optional pressure gauges and a range of connections from DN10 to DN50 (3/8 to 2in).

The valves feature a balanced seat design and drop-tight seal, which hold the reduced pressure constant, even when there is wide inlet pressure fluctuation.

They feature an integral fine filter to protect the valve insert, which is easily serviceable without losing the setting on the valve.

Honeywell also manufactures flanged, cast-iron pressure regulating valves for large water flows.

Honeywell Water Controls

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