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Bates Technologies has completed the installation of a diverse mix of CNC hone tooling and air gauging systems, designed for use on flexible horizontal machining centres (HMCs).

The application originated from a compressor original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who called upon Bates to develop a complete rough and finish honing process designed to run on a common fixture and setup arrangement used by the OEM to machine other part details on compressor bodies.

The company was also seeking to eliminate extensive part handling and to make improvements on overall part quality.

To meet these objectives, Bates engineered and built multiple precision honing tools ranging from 2.5in (6.4cm) to 6in in diameter designed to fit in Cat 50 holders and to function within the control platform of an HMC.

The majority of these tools utilise the Bates Precision Air Gage System (PAGS), which enables the live, onboard air gauging of the cylinder bores as they are being honed.

According to Darrell Day, president of Bates, two new HMCs were purchased and built to accommodate the Bates honing and air gauging system to meet the OEM’s requirements for ‘one-fixture, one-setup’ part processing.

This has led to reductions in machining and transfer time and improvements in both part quality and process capabilities, he added.

Bates manufactures and supports hone tooling and abrasive products used in bore finishing and honing applications worldwide.

The company provides its products for use on any make or model of dedicated hone machines as well as on many flexible CNC machining centres.

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