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Horizon Conveyor Equipment has introduced a range of heavy-duty aluminium rollers, designed to combat the health and safety risks of replacing traditional, heavy steel-trough and return rollers.

Horizon has constructed the rollers using a robust, lightweight aluminium tube that houses a steel shaft and sealed bearings.

The bearing housings are manufactured from glass-reinforced nylon.

A large stationary integral stone guard forms the outer primary labyrinth seal, which prevents any spillage building up between the roller and the frame, which can jam the roller.

The greased inner cupped lip seal, together with a sealed bearing, keeps out smaller contaminants.

The rollers can save up to a third of the weight of traditional steel rollers by using 10-14mm thick corrosion-resistant HDPE tube.

The tube and plastic end-cap design can absorb considerable impact, which together with internal three-part labyrinth seals, means the roller bearing is kept well protected.

The company’s aluminium and plastic rollers offer health and safety advantages and noise reduction, and can also reduce the costs and logistical challenges of shipping and moving the rollers around.

Horizon Conveyor Equipment

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