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A manufacturer of prefabricated electrical connector and cable assemblies is using the Clare Horizon high-voltage wiring analyser to test the electrical safety of its units during production.

Apex Wiring Solutions produces prefabricated electrical units that replace the traditional wiring of electrical sub-circuits used in applications such as hospitals, schools and oil rigs.

These units are quick and easy to use, reducing on-site installation time by up to 70 per cent.

The company has been using two Horizon analysers at its manufacturing site in Durham, where they have reduced the time needed to test the 300 units produced every day.

Apex had previously been using a conventional multi-meter for testing and checking the point-to-point nodes on its products, which could take up to four minutes per unit.

The Horizon has reduced electrical safety test times to approximately 10 seconds per unit, saving time, money and resources for Apex.

David Stout, technical manager at Apex, said a further benefit of using Horizon is its ease of programming and ‘intuitive’ capabilities.

He said: ‘Horizon doesn’t require physical programming.

‘Instead, we simply connect to the master sample, run the software and let it learn for itself the points that need to be tested.

‘This is very beneficial, saving a great deal of time and effort on the part of the engineering team.

‘Overall, Horizon fulfils all our testing requirements and has impressed with its performance in the demanding production environment.’ Horizon is a high-performance bench-top analyser that meets the requirement for an easy-to-use, fully integrated and flexible data-management tool offering virtually unlimited data storage and reporting capabilities.

Tough, portable and reliable, the instrument is designed for Hipot testing up to 1500V DC/1067V AC within the most demanding of production test environments.

It features a powerful built-in PC with flash memory and eight digital I/0, while the Windows-based operating system and integral colour touch-screen enables the user to undertake quick and easy test programming.

Up to 128-point testing can be carried out with the Horizon II.

The product’s versatility enables expansion up to 1024 points, with the capability of switching 1A and Hipot testing up to 1500V DC and/or 1067V AC.

It also features a real-time temperature and humidity on-screen display and label-printer.

Other features include built-in ‘start’ and ‘stop’ buttons, simple and easy-to-understand on-screen user help tips and a redesigned adapter retention system, which significantly improves user load/unload times.

Horizon is versatile and can be operated as a standalone tester, integrated into automated assembly/test lines or networked.

Clare Instruments

Clare Instruments are manufacturers of electrical safety test equipment for the conformance, manufacturing and service and equipment hire and rental industry. Used extensively throughout the world Clare’s range of electrical safety testing equipment includes the following. Hipot Testers for hipot / flash testing and dielectric withstand testing.

Wiring Analysers for cable testing. Earth bond testers. Leakage and Performance testing for Conformance testing. Electrical safety testers for the rental and hire industry for appliance testing and power tool safety.

These electrical safety tests are essential to ensure compliance to LVD, CE and all international standards including en 50191. We also offer component testers in addition to a wide range of electrical safety accessories including high visibility status beacons for use on production line testing.

Ensuring your products are calibrated correctly is essential for the safety of both your customers and colleagues. We offer and online booking service, or you can even arrange for an on-site calibration.

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