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BMI Engineering has purchased tooling from Horn Cutting Tools.

At Mach 2006, Horn provided a solution to BMI’s grooving problem using the System 312 triple-edge insert.

For the production of washers on a multi-spindle machine, the narrow profile of the Horn 224C part-off insert saves 1mm of material compared with alternative tooling, while the sharpness of the cutting edge minimises the burr on the centre hole.

Saving 1mm on part-off provides free material for every third washer.

BMI utilises 15 Wickman multi-spindle autos, supplemented by a smaller number of CNC lathes – some with C-axis capabilities – and a CNC mill used for second operation work.

The company’s utilisation of a Supermini 105 threading tool has solved a swarf problem that was leading to regular breakage of M10 taps and resultant down time.

The most recent Horn application at BMI involves groove milling.

The company produces a stud-type component called a pivot pin, which requires generation of a 3mm-wide keyway-type slot with a fully radiused profile to locate in a mating component.

Initial attempts to produce the feature in cycle using a slot mill on a C-axis-equipped CNC lathe had not been successful and BMI had resorted to producing the feature as a second operation using a manually operated horizontal spindle milling machine equipped with a slotting cutter.

The company had recently acquired a new CNC milling machine that had time available and Horn was consulted to provide a solution.

This took the form of a fully radiused Type 313 groove-milling insert while the existing fixture was modified to provide access for the Horn tooling.

Utilising cutting data of 220m/min and a feed rate of 850mm/min, the load-to-unload cycle time has reduced to 15sec and finish and tool life have improved significantly.

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