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Horn Cutting Tools will showcase its products at the forthcoming EMO 2009 in Milan, in partnership with Italian partner Febametal SpA.

The exhibits will include ground-in chipbreaker technology to maximise the performance of Supermini boring tools, as shown in the new HV geometry.

Among the all-new Horn products on show in Milan will be a range of milling cutters for high-feed milling applications and a range of high-precision reamers.

The new DAH milling cutters have been developed for requirements in tool making and mould making for roughing with high feed rates and low cutting depths.

The inserts ensure optimum distribution of the cutting forces as they act to transfer cutting forces in an axial direction and thereby reduce the spindle load.

Depending on the material, feed rates up to 3mm/tooth can be achieved for a maximum cutting depth of 1.2mm.

The triple-edged inserts are available in carbide-grade SA4B, which offers high wear resistance for milling steel and cast materials.

The titanium nitride (TiN) coated holders have through-coolant capability and are available as end mills with Weldon toolholder and as industry-standard threaded connection cutters with the MD holder design already tried and tested in the DA system.

The new DAH milling system features cutting-edge diameters of 20, 25, 32 and 40mm.

Existing Horn milling systems for 0.2 to 32mm diameter comprise the solid-carbide DS milling cutters, the DM combined milling cutters and the DA round-shank and industry-standard threaded connection milling cutters with triple-edged indexable insert.

Horn is also introducing the DR Reaming range of precise reamers.

The range is being produced under licence from the Swiss company Urma AG in Rupperswil and comprises of cutters, inserts, adapters and alignment aids.

A major feature of the DR reamers is the narrow, patented cutters for precision machining of steels, cast materials, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

They are available with cutting-edge diameters from 11.9 to 100.6mm in coated carbide, non-coated carbide and cermet versions.

All diameters are available with IKD straight-tooth geometry for reaming through-holes and IKS left helical rising-tooth geometry for reaming blind-hole drillings.

Depending on the material to be machined, four cutting geometries for the straight-tooth versions and two for the helical rising-tooth variants can be selected.

A positioning pin and screws with specified torques on the face side allow the cutter to be quickly changed.

Adjustable chucks simplify checking and adjustment of concentricity.

The cutter holders are available as cylindrical shank with internal coolant supply in short and long versions with diameters from 11.9 to 35.6mm.

Shanks with diameters from 35.6 to 100.6mm have their own alignment mechanism.

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