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Thermal Energy International has received a GBP215,000 order from a hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to install a condensing heat recovery system that will capture and recycle heat from boilers.

Equipment is expected to arrive on site in approximately 10-12 weeks, with a subsequent installation period of between four and eight weeks.

This is the first contract secured by the Thermal Energy wholly owned subsidiary GEM under an exclusive distribution agreement for the Kemco product line across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.

The Thermal Energy Flu-Ace technology improves the fuel efficiency of boiler operations, provides a significant return on investment and reduces environmental emissions.

Up to 90 per cent of the heat normally lost through boiler flue gas stack emissions is recycled by Flu-Ace.

This is possible because the Flu-Ace unit’s direct-contact (gas/liquid) design enables the optimal recovery of both sensible and latent heat, even in widely varying operating conditions.

Flu-Ace advantages for boiler exhausts and hot waste gas include: reduced energy consumption on gas, oil and biomass burners by 15 per cent to 35 per cent; reduced greenhouse gases and other emissions commensurate to fossil fuel reductions; full payback in one to three years; and continued savings throughout the unit’s 20-year-plus operational life.

Customers can recover 200 per cent to 300 per cent more heat than conventional recuperator and economiser systems and the heat is readily usable for process water and air heating.

They can also recover and condense between 70 per cent and 90 per cent of the water vapour normally vented in the exhaust gas, providing hot water at approximately 63C for recycling to process.

Customers can achieve both efficient heat recovery and effective pollution control with one cost-effective Flu-Ace unit, according to the company.

Thermal Energy was also recently contracted by Johnson Controls to design and implement a Flu-Ace heat recovery system for Camco’s dryer manufacturing facility in Montreal.

It recovers heat from the ‘E-coat’ system for building and process heating.

It also benefits the environment by reducing pollutants such as CO2 and volatile organic compounds.

Thermal Energy International Inc is an innovative technology company providing custom energy and emission reduction solutions. Our award-winning energy recovery, conservation and bioenergy solutions provide significant financial and environmental benefits to our customers. Our experience and talent in waste energy recovery recycling and bio-energy conversion solutions are unrivalled. These solutions provide our clients with typical energy cost savings of 10 per cent to 35 per cent or more with commensurate reductions in greenhouse gases and other emissions.

We go beyond the realm of single application or product competitors and instead provide our clients with maximum opportunities to reduce energy and emissions. Through a unique mix of process, energy, environmental, financial and other expertise combined with the best technology solutions and financial offerings, our clients can expect compelling returns exceeding 30 per cent and solutions with an excellent track record of longevity, proven reliability and performance.

Thermal Energy's core business provides three primary client benefits:

  • Energy consumption and cost reduction
  • Commensurate greenhouse gas and emission reductions
  • Excellent financial returns

With energy cost trends projecting steady increases over the next several years, our solutions provide increasingly more attractive returns and a means for our clients to shield themselves against ever-increasing energy costs.

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