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HPI, a supplier of turbine control solutions and turnkey power plants, has completed a hot-gas-path inspection for National Grid.

National Grid selected HPI to help diagnose the cause of significant vibrations affecting one of the backup emergency turbines at the plant on Long Island.

The 15MW GE Frame 5 model J gas turbine is used to boot the station in the event of a power outage.

HPI was able to determine that the root cause of the vibration was the deterioration of the marriage bolts.

Deterioration of the marriage bolts can be difficult to diagnose and correct as the rotor must be sent off to be taken apart and carefully analysed.

Correcting the problem at the source will save time and money in the long run.

The HPI Mechanical Group specialises in major turbine overhaul, employing the latest borescope inspection technology.

The borescope employed can often detect signs of machine degradation before there is damage to rotating equipment, loss of production and/or unplanned outages.

Based on inspection results, the Mechanical Group also provides repair of the equipment, including manufacturing, installation and maintenance of peripheral support systems beyond traditional turbo machinery.

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