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HPI, a supplier of turbine control, fuel valve replacement and mechanical overhaul services, is to fit a replacement Netcon unit (RNU) on a Westinghouse 251AA at the Astoria NRG facility in New York.

The RNU, a PLC-based fuel governor, is designed as a plug-and-play direct replacement for the existing Woodward range of Netcon controllers.

The new controller utilises the latest Allen-Bradley Logix PLC system and is mounted in an enclosure with the same dimensions as the existing Netcon controller.

The installation of an RNU from HPI requires only three days, minimising outage time.

Hal Pontez, president and chief executive officer of HPI, said: ‘The use of the Allen-Bradley Logix PLC platform system provides our customers with the benefits of a commercially available off-the-shelf third-party system, while performing like the original Netcon controller.

‘Using an RNU reduces outage time and minimises the need for rewiring an equipment control cabinet, providing our customers a strong ROI [return on investment] and extending the life of existing turbine control systems,’ added Pontez.

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