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Macro Sensors’ HStar 750 Series Hermetically Sealed Position Sensors accurately measure the position of steam-control valves in power plants.

The HStar 750 Position Sensors can provide accurate position-feedback of control valves, providing output to remote electronics and/or control systems.

For example, a typical two-stage steam turbine can contain a number of control valves – governor valve, throttle valve, interceptor valve, re-heat stop valve – all of which are operated by hydraulic actuators.

Because the governor and throttle valves are modulating valves, the steam flow of which is essential to the efficiency of the turbine, locating their position is crucial.

It is also important to know if the interceptor and stop valves are open or closed.

The HStar 750 Sensors can provide the necessary position output to signal an operator if a valve is malfunctioning.

The HStar 750 units feature high resolution, excellent repeatability, low hysteresis and the highest sensitivity consistent with good linearity.

This means operators don’t need to change units frequently and can rely on output to maintain optimum plant operations.

Electrical termination of the HStar 750 Series is made through a sealed radial-connector located near one end.

The radial connector results in a through-bore design that permits access to either or both ends of the unit’s core for better mechanical support and core guidance and easier cleanout in dusty or dirty locations.

The length of the HStar 750 Series sensors are at least 2in shorter than comparable units.

An axially mounted connector allows easier installation in tight spaces.

The HStar 750 sensors are available in ranges of +/-0.050in (+/-1.25mm) to +/-10.0in (+/-250mm).

HStar 750 sensors are available with metric threaded cores, smaller diameters and low mass cores.

These sensors measure 3/4in (19mm) in diameter.

They operate in environments with high temperatures (400F).

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