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HT Servo has released its improved Silverpak 23D Plus, a high-torque NEMA 23-step motor with an integrated microstepping driver.

The version comes with features such as increased operating voltage range, current and microstepping.

It is designed to help reduce overall design time and system cost for a range of step-motor applications needing high torque and smooth motion.

It is available in three body lengths – 2.65, 3.16 and 4.03in – and is capable of up to 294oz/in of holding torque, depending on the stack size of the motor.

The Silverpak 23D Plus operates from 12 to 75V DC and the available phase current ranges from 0.3 to 5A peak.

This integrated motor/driver combination offers step resolutions ranging from 2x microstepping up to 256x microstepping and four selectable damping modes.

The unit also features: optically isolated step, direction and disable/enable inputs; and under-voltage and over-temperature protection.

With built-in RS485 communication, the unit can be easily connected to a computer and configured via Lin Engineering’s graphical user interface (GUI), LinDriver.

Configurable settings include: step resolution; run current; hold current; damping modes for smoother motion; and selection of sensing the step pulses on the rising or falling edge.

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