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TT Electronics Welwyn Components’ HTCR series of thick-film chip resistors ensure high reliability for applications in down-hole drilling, automotive, aerospace and defence applications.

The resistors are qualified for operation in temperatures up to 250C.

The HTCR series is available in 0805, 1206, 2010 and 2512 formats and, with resistances from 1R0 to 10M, four termination options provide support for the wide range of assembly methods used in high-temperature designs, including wire bonding, adhesive and soldering processes.

Planar gold G-type and PTAG P-types are produced by printing electrodes, resistor and over-glaze onto an alumina substrate, then laser trimming the resistance elements to the required value.

These devices are suitable for attachment with conductive adhesives; G-type resistors with gold terminations are additionally suited to wire bonding.

The EW versions feature thick-film PTAG electrodes printed onto alumina along with the resistor material and over-glaze.

They are also ideal for adhesive assembly, having terminations coated with a polymer silver wrap-around.

F-types are made in the same way as EW and then prepared for solder assembly by plating with a nickel barrier and 100 per cent tin.

As well as high-temperature performance, the HTCR series includes non-magnetic resistors, providing solutions for applications such as medical MRI scanning equipment.

Furthermore, the series’ absence of organic materials makes HTCR resistors the perfect choice for high-vacuum space and scientific designs.

The high-temperature resistor series is RoHS compliant, available now, and supplied on tape-and-reel for automated assembly.

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