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The Type K rubbing or contact thermocouple, reference HTA1001, available from High Tech Sensors (HTS) is normally used to monitor brake or clutch disc temperatures.

It can also be used to monitor or control temperatures to conveyor belts and steel wire being moulded into specialised tyre manufacture.

These assemblies can be used on any smooth moving surface that requires high or low temperature monitoring, or controlling if used with additional electronics.

They are designed and constructed to withstand the extreme conditions and very high temperatures generated by all vehicle usage.

This assembly has a fine adjustment available to reduce the effects of rubbing friction heat between the stainless steel rubbing shoe and the disc or surface being measured, giving an accurate output of the transferred temperatures and temperature variations.

The ‘shoe’ has been designed to transfer the heat very quickly to the thermocouple, while at the same time dissipating the heat into the atmosphere instead of along the spring support wires, prolonging the accuracy and life of the assembly.

The spring wire diameter and length are optimised to provide constant pressure for an uninterrupted output of temperature readings due to ‘bouncing’ of the assembly between the thermocouple sensor and the measuring surface during road or track usage.

The thermocouple is a mineral insulated (MI) cable, which prides greater durability and longer life, with an insulated measuring junction to avoid feedback or interference from static or other electrical sources while in operation.

HTS specification for the above assembly is: 0.5mm (0.020in) diameter; Mineral Insulated (MI) thermocouple; 310ss sheath material; insulated junction (ungrounded) from sheath at temperature measuring tip; Type K thermocouple conductors (wires); simplex circuit (single circuit) (two wire); adjustable tensioning of the ss floating rubbing shoe to reduce friction heat; accuracy of thermocouple output of +/-1.5C or 0.007 per cent of the temperature; thermocouple temperature range of -40C to + 1,100C at rubbing shoe; mini flat pin thermocouple plug in IEC colours (green); 5mm (0.20in) diameter fixing hole; and an insulation resistance of 10+Gohms at 100V.

High Tech Sensors offers various alternatives to the above assembly, including the HTA1001A, which is used in exactly the same way and has the same specification, but has the thermocouple wrapped around the spring wire to provide additional support when used in high vibration situations.

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