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EC 45 flat and EC-4pole 45 motors from Maxon Motor have been utilised by Searobotics in Hullbug, a 50cm-long underwater robot designed to stick to the hull of a ship and remove barnacles, algae and other organisms that can cause severe vessel damage.

It was important that the motors chosen for this application could operate in a challenging environment and possess enough power, speed and torque to cope with resistance from the cleaning tool, the hydrodynamic force of the host vehicle in motion, friction losses in the shaft seals and friction from the wheels or tracks.

They also had to deliver these characteristics within strict size constraints.

Key benefits of product application

  • Dr Kenneth Holappa, research engineer at Searobotics, said the Maxon motors and gearheads proved cost effective, efficient and simple to install.
  • The EC-4pole 45 motors have maximum sustained output of 300W, providing continuous torque of up to 635mNm.

maxon motor is the world’s leading supplier of high-precision drive systems.

maxon has earned a reputation for constant innovation and unflinching reliability – seeing the company’s products used by the world’s top engineers in fields as demanding as space exploration, formula 1 racing and sub-sea applications.

The maxon product range is developed on a modular basis, giving literally hundreds of thousands of perfectly compatible motor, gear and controller combinations to suit a huge array of applications. With full customisation possible for almost every product, maxon’s experienced sales engineers are on-hand to assist design engineers select precisely the right solution for their needs.

DC motors with ironless winding and flat motors (up to 500W output power, mechanical and electronic commutation).
Planetary, spur and special gears.
Sensors (encoders, DC tachos, resolvers).
Servo amplifiers, position controllers.
High-tech CIM and MIM components.
Customer specific drive solutions.

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