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Krayden has announced that the Humiseal UV40 conformal coating is now available as a gel specifically formulated for various large-scale light emitting diode (LED) applications.

For example, the UV40 gel can be used on the huge displays found in sporting stadiums, which need a lightweight coating.

The material also has been used in the manufacturing of LED displays carried on blimps and hot air balloons.

Humiseal UV40 gel is suitable when lightweight hermetically sealed housing is needed for electronic circuitry to withstand extreme UV exposure, as well as lightning strikes and moisture ingress from rain.

The standard Humiseal UV40 conformal coating is applied with the UV40 gel around sensitive areas of the circuit board to increase the thickness of covering.

Humiseal UV40 clear gel is a one-part, anti-sagging, 100 per cent solids dual-cure acrylated polyurethane conformal coating.

It is claimed to feature excellent chemical resistance, surface hardness, flexibility and moisture resistance.

The material is tack free after exposure to UV light and the secondary moisture cure mechanism will fully cure any exposed areas of the coating within two to three days at ambient conditions.

Additionally, the secondary cure can be accelerated by baking.

Humiseal UV40 offers an application thickness up to 1mm, which is approximately 10 times the normal thickness of conformal coatings.

Humiseal’s gel conformal coating materials are said to provide control and flexibility, allowing materials to be deposited only where required and avoiding sensitive areas.

Humiseal gel coatings, including UV40, acrylic-based 1B31 and urethane-based 1A33, are also said to help manufacturers meet reliability and performance targets for the lifetime of the products.

These coatings can allow customers to deploy dam and fill coating techniques around selected components by building a dam of gel product around a device and then filling it with a standard conformal coating.

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